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Theomatik makes eating easier and more fun again!

  • It’s good for the user’s self-esteem & dignity

  • It’s good from an occupational therapy point of view

  • Theomatik saves time for the healthcare workers

  • Theomatik is an aesthetically pleasing tool that is not stigmatizing


A Theomatik set consists of a stackable tray equipped with antislip.

The tray is foreseen of conical shaped holes to clamp cups with a diameter from 20 to 70mm. From jam and butter cups over to yoghurt or small beverage cans.

The tray also has a packaging opener, a small safe cutting tool, that helps open all packaging bags such as sugar, tea, cheese or bacon, all one-handed.

The set also comes with a lunch plate in which you can lock slices of bread in between the 4 raised edges. The lunch plate is also foreseen of antislip at the bottom and has pre-formed cutting shapes in the 4 raised sides to easily help you to cut your slices of bread to the bottom.

The sets are designed for easy stacking with an eye for optimal space usage. The material of the Theomatik is dishwasher safe up to 90°C.

One set weighs 900 grams and measures 36,5 cm (L) x 18,8 cm (W) x 3 cm (H). The set is made of Polypropylene, TPE and the cutting tool of stainless steel. Theomatik sets have the CE mark, made with Food Safety compliant materials and are BPA free.

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