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New Innovation & Ideas collection

Our R&D activities are aimed at creating value for our customers. Through societal engagement, innovation and collaboration, we (co-)develop heartwarming inclusive solutions for each of us.

At Bouncer we are strong believers of customer co-creation or open innovation with customers. We stimulate consumers to submit ideas or designs for the development of inclusive product solutions that will help people with a limitation or disability make their limitations bearable, less noticeable and worry-free every day.

We are always looking for ideas or designs that bring back people’s freedom, help lift their dignity and create better experiences, through everyday inclusive products without stigma. We want to actively involve consumers in the design or development of future offerings, backed with the product design & development and commercialization expertise of the Bouncer team.

  • Do you have a creative product or solution idea for care personnel, elderly people, or people with a disability or limitations?
  • Do you have a creative ADL product idea for independently eating or drinking, mobility solutions, or other healthcare challenges?
  • Do you have a business case you want to work out further?

As a volunteer in the rehabilitation department, Theo helped people eat independently with one arm. This daily problem made Theo think and he tinkered a first model that makes the life of the patient easier. Patients, doctors, nurses and occupational therapists … Everyone saw that a sustainable solution was in the making here.

Bouncer product designers studied and refined the design. With the most modern techniques we developed a functional board for people with a onearm limitation. Many actions suddenly became possible thanks to the modern Theomatik. Or how societal engagement, innovation and cooperation can lead to heart-warming solutions for each of us.

The concept idea comes originates from Theo Willen and vzw Jessa Ziekenhuis (BE). The design comes from Frederic Boonen and has 5 approved patent claims.

In 2018 the Theomatik concept was awarded with the 2017 Henry Van De Velde Award (chosen by the audience)