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Bouncer designs and develops heartwarming inclusive product solutions through societal engagement, innovation and collaboration. Bouncer aspires to lift the self-sustainability of people through inclusive ‘Activities of Daily Living – ADL’ products.

Sooner or later we will all be faced with a minor or greater physical discomfort. Bouncer creates solutions that make these limitations bearable, less noticeable and worry-free. Bouncer makes ‘doing’ things easier and more fun again. So it revolves around the person again, not his or her problem. Bouncer helps lift the self-sustainability of people through inclusive products and ADL aids – Aids for Daily Living.

Bouncer’s first product is for people with a one-arm limitation after a stroke. In collaboration with Jessa hospital Hasselt (BE) and with the most modern techniques Bouncer developed a functional table aid lunch plate to help people eat independently with one arm. A volunteer in the rehabilitation department, called Theo, spotted the need and helped develop it, so we called the solution ‘Theomatik’. Theomatik® by Bouncer brings back people’s freedom, so they can enjoy their mealtime in dignity.

The focus of Bouncer is on (co-)developing more innovative, everyday, inclusive ADL products without stigma & other solutions for people with disabilities & limitations, as well as (co-)developing additional ‘food services’ solutions and mobility solutions.

“Helping others is the way we help ourselves”

Oprah Winfrey
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Why Theomatik – the concept

When you suddenly have only one hand left to use, making a sandwich becomes quite a challenge. For those who need help spreading their sandwich, Theomatik is the solution. Think of it as a handy table aid lunch plate that allows you to eat with one arm. Initially meant for people rehabilitating from a stroke, but actually very convenient everyone who, due to an accident or old age, only have one functioning arm or just have less strength in both hands.

People who can only use one arm have great difficulty eating independently. This not only causes a lot of time to be lost, but also lowers the self-esteem of these affected individuals.

Theomatik is a table aid lunch plate that allows people with one functional arm to eat independently again. Both at home and while on the move. Theomatik helps make these people’s limitations bearable, less noticeable, worry-free again. Theomatik makes eating easier and more fun again. So it revolves around them again, not their problem.

We purposely made it a very tangible & sensory product, as the motor skills & occupational therapy element of promoting a person’s ability to fulfill their daily routines and roles is crucial for elderly and/or people in rehabilitation. We also consciously chose for the orange color as this is the best color for people with a visual limitation and for people with dementia.

Next to giving back people their independence, dignity & freedom by allowing people to independently eat again, Theomatik also helps relieve the work pressure of healthcare personnel as it allows them to focus on other tasks instead of having to spread sandwiches. Theomatik not only offers added value to the user, but also offers a strong return on investment for the buying hospital, elderly home, rehabilitation center, occupational therapist etc..

Please check out the Theomatik product page for more details & product specifications.

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