Our Mission – Designed for dignity

Our mission is to (co-) create together with healthcare professionals the right inclusive (ADL) solutions to help create great experiences for elderly people and people with a limitation or disability, that make these limitations bearable, less noticeable and worry-free.

Bouncer wants to make things ‘doing’ easier and more fun again. So it revolves around the person again, not his or her problem or age.

At Bouncer we want to bring back people’s freedom, help lift their dignity and create better experiences, through everyday inclusive ADL products without stigma. Bouncer aspires to lift the self-sustainability of people through inclusive ADL products. Bouncer lets people do what they want so they can be themselves in all circumstances. Because for us, it’s all about dignity… “Designed for dignity!” 

Our Story

Bouncer BV is a startup that was founded in 2018 by Frederic Boonen, a creative product designer and was joined in 2022 by Bart Verreydt, a passionate business developer and business BoostR with an international healthcare background, which makes them a complementary team. A team that is on a mission to shake up the healthcare sector by helping increase the productivity of care personnel through technology, through better tools and (Activities of Daily Living – ADL) aids, or by facilitating the elderly to live independently for longer!

Bouncer designs and develops heartwarming inclusive product solutions through societal engagement, innovation and collaboration. Bouncer aspires to lift the self-sustainability of people through the co-creation of inclusive ADL products.

Our initial focus is on a selection of self-care activities included in the ADL categories:

  • drinking & eating independently, including taking medications
  • mobility: getting in and out of bed, sitting in chairs and getting up again, moving, walking
  • dressing and undressing independently

At some point in life, we will all face a minor or greater physical discomfort. Bouncer creates solutions that make these limitations bearable, less noticeable and worry-free. Bouncer makes ‘doing’ things easier and more fun again. It must revolve around the person again, not his or her problem. Bouncer aspires to lift the self-sustainability of people through co-creating & commercializing inclusive Activities of Daily Living (ADL) products.

The headquarters of Bouncer BV is located in Sint-Truiden (BE). Manufacturing is outsourced to a manufacturing company specialized in customized technical plastic solutions that produces products to our specifications and compliant with all European regulations (CE, Food Safety compliant materials, BPA free, …).

Our first product, the Theomatik, was developed for people with a one-arm limitation after a stroke. In collaboration with Jessa hospital Hasselt (BE) and with the most modern techniques, we developed a functional table aid lunch plate to help people eat independently with one arm. A volunteer in the rehabilitation department, called Theo, spotted the need and helped develop it, so we called the solution ‘Theomatik’. Theomatik® by Bouncer brings back people’s freedom, so they can enjoy their mealtime in dignity. 

In 2018 the Theomatik concept was awarded the Henry Van De Velde Award (chosen by the audience).

Bouncer BVBA

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