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beat It

Beat It, No morecups, bottles or trays falling over!

  • It’s good for the user’s self-esteem & dignity

  • It’s good from an occupational therapy point of view

  • Beat It is adjustable in opening size and can fit all different shapes.

  • Beat It is an aesthetically pleasing tool that is not stigmatizing

Beat It – Keep it in place!

Introducing the Beat It, the innovative tool specifically designed for the elderly, people with disabilities and permanent injuries. The Beat It allows you to put your favorite drinks, soup and condements into it and keep them in place. No more cups, bottles or trays falling over.

Beat It is a lock with sliding mechanism that allows you to hold drinks, cups, cans and anything you can fit in. The mechanism is very simple, just put what you want to lock in place between both elements. Slide the handle towards the object and turn it in any direction and it’s locked in place.

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