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Push it

Push It, apply one handed and power up!

  • It’s good for the user’s self-esteem & dignity

  • It’s good from an occupational therapy point of view

  • Little pressure does the job

  • Push It is an aesthetically pleasing tool that is not stigmatizing

PUSH IT – Apply one handed!

Introducing Push It! The electrical toothbrush button that does all the work for you. Just provide a little pressure to the icon and the Push It will do the rest. This is possible by wrapping the structure around the toothbrush and applying more material at the on/of button. Because of the tension this creates all the users needs to do is apply a little bit of pressure. Ideal for the elderly, people with disabilities and permanent injuries.

Push It is delivered in innovative packaging. No need to throw the packaging away because it is usefull. The packaging is also the applicator for the Push It and a toothbrush holder when turned around. It can even be used one handed!

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