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Bouncer is looking for students, sales agents and distributor partners

We are always looking for entrepreneurial, passionate (digital) marketing, business management, commercial students with affinity for the healthcare sector. At Bouncer we work hard, but also play hard. Having fun and giving something back to the community is crucial to us.

If interested in a traineeship, or a flexi job, please send us your CV together with a short motivation at 

Since our foundation in 2017 we expanded across the Belgian borders, primarily in Western Europe, but we are receiving inquiries from all over the world, many places where we don’t have partnerships in place yet and we know that our products are needed everywhere! That’s why we are looking for new partners all over the globe that can distribute our Belgian designed inclusive Theomatik products in their country

If you are interested in becoming a distributors or sales agent of Theomatik by Bouncer©, please visit the ‘partners’ section on this website or fill in underneath form.

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Partner up!