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Global burden of stroke*

EVERY YEAR, 12,2 MILLION PEOPLE WORLDWIDE ARE AFFECTED BY A STROKE ALSO KNOWN AS A CVA: cerebrovascular accident. Of this number, 4 million people remain permanently disabled. Their lives are forever changed. Stroke may lead to severe complications:            

– Paralysis or loss of muscle movement: Patient may become paralyzed on one side of the body, or lose control of certain muscles, such as those on one side of face or one arm.

–  Difficulty in talking or swallowing.

– Memory loss or thinking difficulties: It also affects thinking, making judgments, reasoning and understanding concepts

– Emotional problems: stroke survivors may develop depression.

– Changes in behavior and self-care ability: Stroke survivor may become more withdrawn and less social or more impulsive. They may need help with grooming and daily chores

-After recovery of vital functions following a stroke, most patients begin extensive neurological and neuropsychological rehabilitation, such as:

 treatment of impaired motor skills and balance

 treatment of problems with swallowing and breathing

 training of activities of daily living

 special programs for the treatment of cognitive disorders.

It is important to get an individual treatment program that prepares you for an independent life or for a life with care after inpatient rehabilitation. With physical therapy, occupational therapy and speech therapy, you can train your brain and relearn some skills.

Theomatik® is a table aid lunch plate to allow people with one functional arm to eat independently again. Both at home and while on the move. Theomatik® helps make these people’s limitations bearable, less noticeable, worry-free again. Theomatik® makes eating easier and more fun again. So it revolves around them again, not their problem.

We purposely made it a very tangible & sensory product, as the motor skills & occupational therapy element of promoting a person’s ability to fulfill their daily routines and roles is crucial for elderly and/or people in rehabilitation. We also consciously chose for the orange color as this is the best color for people with a visual limitation and for people with dementia.

Next to giving back people their independence, dignity & freedom by allowing people to independently eat again, Theomatik® also helps relieve the work pressure of healthcare personnel as it allows them to focus on other tasks instead of having to spread sandwiches. Theomatik® not only offers added value to the user, but also offers a strong return on investment for the buying hospital, elderly home or rehabilitation center.

*Source: Global Stroke Fact Sheet 2022 by World Stroke Organization (WSO) and
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