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The Importance of ADL Tools and Co-Creation in the Healthcare Sector

ADL tools, also known as Activities of Daily Living, play a crucial role in the healthcare sector. With the increasing shortage of healthcare personnel, rising healthcare and elderly care costs, and challenges posed by current economic times, such as aging-related expenses and energy crises, the use of ADL tools becomes increasingly important. Working harder is not the solution; instead, enhancing the productivity of healthcare personnel through technology, better tools, or enabling seniors to live independently for a longer period is crucial. One way to strengthen this importance is through co-creation of low-tech, high-impact ADL tools in collaboration with an experienced partner from the business world.

This blog post discusses the added value of co-creating ADL tools in the current healthcare sector and economically turbulent times, outlining how hospitals and nursing homes can optimally benefit from this solution.

ADL tools help patients maintain independence in their daily lives, reducing the need for constant supervision and care from healthcare staff, thereby alleviating the shortage of personnel. Furthermore, these tools can enhance the quality of life for patients by assisting them in self-care, fostering confidence, and promoting independence.

Co-creation of “low-tech, high-impact” tools involves collaboration between on-the-ground healthcare professionals (caregivers, occupational therapists, rehabilitation heads, innovation managers, etc.), patients, and product design experts to develop new solutions that are easy to use and affordable. This approach allows the creation of ADL tools tailored to the specific needs of patients, enhancing their effectiveness. Moreover, these tools can be distributed in a simple and affordable manner, reaching more patients in need.

In conclusion, ADL tools are a crucial asset in the healthcare sector, especially in economically challenging times and with the increasing shortage of healthcare personnel. Co-creation of “low-tech, high-impact” tools is a powerful approach to strengthen the impact of these tools by developing new and effective solutions tailored to the needs of patients and caregivers.

Bouncer BV is a multidisciplinary service team of “bouncies” (as they call themselves) aiming to revolutionize the healthcare sector. Through co-creation and participative innovation with healthcare professionals, we develop and commercialize affordable low-tech, high-impact innovations in healthcare and elderly care. Our focus on simplicity and smart design, influenced by feedback from healthcare professionals, ensures usability for everyone in society without stigma. Our commitment to self-reliance, dignity, inclusivity, and safety is encapsulated in our slogan: “Bouncer – Designed for dignity!”

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