Theomatik makes eating easier and fun again!

Theomatik® is a table aid lunch plate that allows people with one functional arm to eat independently again. Both at home and while on the move.

-> It’s good for the user’s self-esteem & dignity. People are proud that they can spread their own sandwiches again.

-> From an occupational therapy point of view, people who use the Theomatik are concentrated on the coordination of movements. Eating may take longer, but it is a useful activity that requires concentration and coordination. Theomatik is a very tangible & sensory product, as the motor skills & occupational therapy element of promoting a person’s ability to fulfill their daily routines and roles is crucial for elderly and/or people in rehabilitation.

-> Theomatik saves time for the healthcare workers because they don’t have to spread the sandwiches themselves. That way Theomatik helps relieve the work pressure of healthcare personnel as it allows them to focus on other tasks instead of having to spread sandwiches.

-> Theomatik is an aesthetically pleasing tool that is not stigmatizing unlike many other tools in the care sector. You can use the Theomatik without looking ‘different’.

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